Steampunk Gifts, Ornaments & Figurines

Here at Different Worlds, we pride ourselves on being unique and quirky with all of our products, gifts, and accessories. That unique style comes hand in hand with our collection of steampunk gifts, ranging from hats to figurines.

Steampunk Gift Ideas

All of our figurines and bookends from our collection of Steampunk gifts are hand-painted and cast in the finest resin to make the perfect antique gift for yourself or a friend.

Get your gears turning with our selection of steampunk gifts and cast your eyes at all of our exclusive items. Never be lost on what to buy for a steampunk lover again.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is one of many subgenres of science fiction that combines futuristic technology with victorian style and culture influenced by steam-powered technology. Many Steampunk designs have become a spectacle in film, art, and fashion.  You'll see Steampunk fashion and ideals in such films as Van Helsing, The Golden Compass, and Sherlock Holmes.

According to those who are film-obsessed, the idea of Steampunk first appeared in the 1958 film, The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. After that film came out, the concept of Steampunk became a staple in many films and now has a secure place in society, through different victorian themes, clothing, and accessories.

Steampunk is now not only a science fiction genre but has become a community of people with a unique and vintage style of fashion, music, and tastes. See more fantasy and gothic style gifts on our online shop.