Lisa Parker Art Shop & Products

If you love animals and gothic designs, then you'll love our collection of Lisa Parker products. With fantasy designs of cats, owls, wolves, and more, you'll find whatever you need to suit your style.

Stunning designs of black cats and majestic owls fill our Lisa Parker shop and her artwork is nothing short of incredible.

Cats on notebooks, cats on umbrellas, and cat-based tarot cards, we are sure that you will find something in our Lisa Parker shop if you love the cross between cats and magical gothic artwork.

Who is Lisa Parker?

Lisa Parker was born in Devon, UK in 1974 and ever since she was able to, she has been drawing and illustrating different things in nature. Starting her art using pastels, then watercolours, then eventually oils, Lisa would learn what would work best for her gift of making art. 

Lisa began to take her sketchbook with her wherever she went and soon became more and more amazing at creating art. Even sticking her easel in the mud to get the perfect shot and what she was to paint.

Eventually, Lisa Parker became interested in the gothic and magical side of artistry and is now able to draw what inspires her and further develop her skills. See more fantasy and gothic style gifts on our online shop.