Anne Stokes Shop

Full of Fantasy, Dragons, and Fairies, our Anne Stokes shop, and collection of products is just what you need to fulfill your gothic art needs.

The beautiful fantasy designs in our Anne Stokes shop present stunning pictures of all things in the fantasy world. From dragons to unicorns and skulls to sirens, our Anne Stokes collection and has designs suitable for any person wishing to delve into the world of gothic and fantasy design.

Our Anne Stokes Shop stars classic gothic fantasy designs that are breathtaking in nature.

Who is Anne Stokes?

Anne Stokes is originally from London but now lives near Leeds with her son and husband. Starting her art career, initially, by designing merchandise for such bands as Queen and The Rolling Stones.

Anne has also made jewellery and sculpture products whilst also creating t-shirt designs that have been featured in films, such as one of her skull designs being featured in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Next in Anne Stokes's prolific career history, she became a freelance illustrator, working on a number of different, books, games, and record products, including making art for the ever so popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Through progression, Anne Stokes started to license her own products and has now, and continues to, produce her own collection of unique work and has written several books.